About Us

About us

Kings Dream Logistics is a truck dispatching company that provides first-class dispatch services in the USA for owner-operators and trucking companies from small midsize to enterprise level. Our focus is to provide a dedicated dispatcher to every truck driver who will make sure to find the best freight load possible with the highest prices and focus on keeping you loaded on a weekly basis. Our team of 80+ truck dispatchers have been in businesses for over 7 years and know the best routes in and out. We know driving is not easy, that’s why our truck dispatchers negotiate the highest rates on your behalf so that you get your money’s worth for all those miles. We handle all the paperwork and deal with brokers on your behalf so that you KEEP ON TRUCKING and safely deliver loads. Our goal is to make the trucker’s life easy and burden free. We don’t make clients, we make partners and that means your success is our success. Maximize your earning potential with our dispatch services. Get Started Today!

We offer a complete dispatch solution which saves your office cost by giving you US based highly knowledgeable Dispatchers who are certified and trained by our company.
Our plan starts from 5% of your weekly gross with absolutely no contract and with the service of anytime cancellation.
Pay us after you earn.