What We Do

Finding Loads

Tell us how you want to haul. Let us know how much $ you want to make, how far you are willing to travel and where you want to haul. If you just want to haul local or interstate, we will get you loads according to your needs. As your dedicated dispatcher, we will filter through thousands of great paying loads that we have access to and offer you what fits your requirements. We like to book our drivers with at least 2 loads out in front. We offer you loads that pay via factoring, quick pay or the way you want to do it.. If the wheels aren’t moving, the money isn’t flowing! So keep on trucking!

Assigning loads

We believe the key to success is building a good relationship with our clients. When we assign a dedicated personal dispatcher to you, our focus is on rapport building on a personal basis which will help secure a successful prosperous relationship on grounds of consistency, efficiency and loyalty. We will learn your routes, know when you would like to be home and your availability. We are all in for a win-win situation and we want you to do the same.

Billing Paperwork & Collection

Once you deliver the load, at your request you will email/fax us all of your paperwork (BOL, INVOICING, FACTORING info) and then we will forward all of your paperwork to the broker/shipper saving you time and the inconvenience. We will also follow up ensuring you are paid PROMPTLY per the LOAD agreement. If you prefer to handle your own billing and paperwork that’s not a problem. We are here to assist and manage your wants and needs at your pleasure!

Factoring & Invoicing

One challenge that truckers face is the problem with the money as shippers or brokers pay the amount of transportation after 30 to 60 days of delivering the loads. Yet there is a service that helps the truckers to get the money before that time and that’s factoring . Our dedicated teams make sure truckers get the money in time and take care of paperwork and requirements of factoring companies so that truckers only have to worry about where to spend the earned money

Driver Response Unit

Once the trucks are on the road, there is always a need to constantly monitor them and make sure the delivery operations are as streamlined as possible. Our trained dispatchers make sure that drivers don’t have to worry about petty problems they face on the road while carrying out their part of the job. We have a 24/7 driver response unit to attend to any problems the drivers face on the road.